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At Dearden HR we understand that managing complex people issues is one of the biggest challenges in the NHS and commercial world. Dearden HR has been working with the NHS and private sector for over 25 years making a real difference in HR with it’s hands on approach. Dearden HR focuses on the practical solutions when it comes to the management of people.  We have a strong track record in delivering results in medical productivity, clinical and corporate re-structures and cost improvement programs. We can  ‘Deliver the difficult… for you’.


A constantly changing political and financial landscape for the NHS means huge challenges where major restructuring and cost improvement programs across the healthcare sector are now needed. More productive operating models with cost saving efficiencies means HR solutions are now needed to meet the complicated requirements of care quality and patient safety plus financial sustainability.

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We have a depth of skills and experience to identify business-focused remedies to the most complex of situations. This may often include tackling difficult and challenging people issues. At Dearden HR we believe in managing these situations head-on, ensuring the organisation can move forward with the minimum of disruption
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