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What We Do

HR Consultant Firm

Being a boutique HR consultancy we can design creative and bespoke solutions. We have a depth of skills and experience to identify business-focused remedies to the most complex of situations. This may often include tackling difficult and challenging people issues. At Dearden HR we believe in managing these situations head-on, ensuring the organisation can move forward with the minimum of disruption.

We have an experienced and capable team who can review or indeed run whole HR functions and lead workforce CIP programmes.

Managing Significant Change

We have demonstrable experience of achieving transformational change in complex organisations. We can support you with problem solving at highest level and assist you with leading sustainable transformational change. This includes, but is not limited to, re-structuring, redundancy, cost improvement plans, implementing skill mix and grade changes, and organisational development advice and support.

Individual & Team Development

We have worked closely with the Board, senior teams and operational teams to embed vision, values and behaviours to help you shape your organisation. Dearden HR has experience with developing management capability to improve the quality of leadership. We can lead the implementation of management and leadership development programmes to ensure that that managers are equipped with the core skills they need to effectively manage and lead. We also ensure the Trust has an active talent pool underpinned by succession planning and talent management mechanisms.

Employee Relations
We have the ability and experience help you manage highly complex and difficult situations where there is often conflict. We have a track record of building positive relationships with Trade Unions, Executive Board members and employees to deliver solutions. Dearden HR strategies have resulted in good and effective employee relations through facilitating genuine partnership between staff, trade unions and professional organisations.
Mediation & Conflict Resolution

We understand that working relationships can sometimes become strained. Dearden can help by offering mediation or facilitated discussions between individuals and small groups. Facilitative discussions may be used between individuals and parties where there are matters of mutual concern which impact on their working life. Mediation, however, is a voluntary, confidential process that enables two or more disputing parties to resolve a conflict with the help of a neutral third party. Contact Dearden HR for a free no obligation consultation today.

Clinical Productivity Solutions

Trusts face unprecedented challenge to make productivity efficiencies and release savings whilst maintaining quality. Key to this is unlocking the productivity potential in the clinical workforce.

Kingsgate and Dearden HR have a proven track record of delivering improved clinical productivity with significant cost out opportunities.

A combined taskforce from both Kingsgate and Dearden HR are deployed into your organisation to work with the clinical teams and management to develop a picture of each speciality and help the Trust work through any complex HR issues that may need to be addressed as part of the review.