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Hello 2022!

By now, most of us are back at work after a festive break. For some, the New Year brings renewed motivation, while for others its all a bit dark & bleak! In either case, many organisations experience an uplift in turnover in January. So how do you motivate employees in the New Year?

Be Open – share the bigger picture. Scheduling an AGM with the CEO in mid January is a great way to reconnect with staff & fill them in. It helps individuals to feel more involved and to find greater meaning in their role. However, its not a one off! Make sure you continue updates throughout the year.

Listen Well – review staff survey data. In any successful relationship, one of the most important things you can do is listen. The New Year is a good time to run an staff survey, or publicise results AND actions! At Dearden HR, we can help analyse & develop staff survey action plans. 

Encourage Autonomy – be more flexible & trusting. If the last year has taught us anything, its that trusting staff to balance work & life commitments is more important than ever. Indeed, recent research shows allowing staff greater autonomy boosts productivity & improves retention. At Dearden, we have been helping lots of organisations implement hybrid working and reap the benefit for staff and organisations.

Less gimmicks – more action. It’s nice to have benefits but some companies use these to disguise the deeper issues that need addressing. Spend less money on consumable freebies and more time getting to know your employees and what they truly need to thrive in the workplace.

Say Thank You – this is so important! When the pressure is on, it can be difficult to remember to stay grateful. Gratitude is strongly linked to personal wellbeing & happiness. Being thankful is shown to make us more positive, more resilient & improve our relationships too.

These are our top 5 tips for a successful start to the year but there are many others too! If you need any advice to start 2022 on a high, get in touch now!