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Leadership Development

Acute NHS Trust

Case Study: Leadership Development

Working with our sister company, Kingsgate, we were asked to support a workforce change programme in the Trust’s Estates and Facilities Team. This had become necessary following a TUPE transfer into the Trust of previously privatised services. The Trust were looking to review operational efficiency and create a “one team” approach to work within Estates and Facilities

What we did

Dearden HR undertook a diagnostic assessment of leadership skills within the senior management team. 

This diagnostic exercise allowed us to then develop a comprehensive leadership develop programme that ran over 6 weeks in the Autumn of 2022. 

The programme focussed around 3 core elements:

Who I am – helping leaders to understand their own personality, consider how they speak, listen and provide feedback

What I do – examining what leaders are expected to deliver both in terms of results, desired culture and ideal behaviours.

My Team – focusing on developing high performing teams, coaching and change management as key skills of an inspiring leader.

What we achieved

Feedback from the client sponsor has been extremely positive and, almost more importantly, the participants have also been positive about the programme. Self-reflection assessments done before, during and after the programme showed an increase in the confidence of all participants. Furthermore, co-produced changes to the appraisal process for leaders will now track this progress into the future.  

The quote below is from one of the attendees:

“Just a short email to thank you again for running the OD course these last few weeks. I was initially sceptical (as that is how I am wired) but I have really enjoyed the whole process and hope to implement what knowledge you have imparted to us all. In my time at the Trust, it has been the most beneficial / useful training I have been exposed to. So, thank you for that.”