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Large Acute healthcare NHS foundation trust


Case Study: Large Acute Healthcare

A large general Acute Foundation NHS Trust with an annual income of £350m and more than 6,500 staff. The Trust has significant financial difficulties and is undergoing a major realignment of services to achieve greater levels of efficiency whilst also improving the quality of services to patients. Workforce productivity is a particular challenge and Dearden HR is working with the Trust to secure improvements in the utilisation of their medical workforce through revised job planning and working with specialties to reduce their SPA time.

Key Issues Identified

● Potential recurring savings achievable through reduction in consultant SPAs

● Lack of transparency between specialties and ownership of the Trust’s financial position

● Job planning process was out of date and not fit for purpose

● A need to move towards team job planning as specialties develop and change in line with the Trust’s strategic direction

Our Delivery

● Ensured all the work is undertaken in partnership with the Trust and its clinical leads

● Ensuring there is a logical flow in to reducing costs within each specialty

● Built into the job panning process an approach that delivers equity, transparency and consistency between, and within, specialties

● Supported two exemplar services from redesigning of services to delivery of new job plans and a tangible reduction in costs

● Introduced updated job planning guidance

● Supported the implementation of cost reduction

● Leading the provision of job planning training including the skills involved in managing change