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Independent Schools

Case Study: Independent Schools


Dearden have worked with a number of independent schools dealing with grievances, coaching teaching staff and developing and introducing new pay systems. We have also worked with independent schools on the implication of increase employer contributions to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and what alternative pension schemes may be available and the process for consulting with staff to move to a new pension scheme provider.

One prestigious and highly successful independent secondary boarding school contracted with Dearden to introduce a new pay system for teaching staff.


Our Work Involved:

● Establishing a process to consult and engage with 150 teaching staff. 

● Establishing a working group of teaching staff chaired by Dearden. 

● Designing a range of options for changing the way teaching staff were paid. 

● Overseeing and advising on the consultation process with staff 

●Considering how pay and non-pay benefits would be treated in the new scheme. 

● Developing annual appraisal processes to support the new pay structure. 

Our Outcomes

● Finalised a new pay structure for all teaching staff

● Development and implementation of a new Pay Policy 

● Gained agreement for this new scheme to be implemented up front to minimise disputes later in the process. 

● Agreement on all pay and non-pay benefits 

● Assimilated all staff onto the new contracts 

● All staff transferred with no grievances or legal disputes.