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Medical Productivity


Case Study: Medical Productivity

A large general hospital based in the West Midlands with a revenue of £317m and a deficit of £2.5m therefore requiring a cost improvement programme. The Trust was under severe financial pressure and required savings from specialties across the Trust with medical productivity and job planning being a big priority. Dearden HR was commissioned to lead on this work in partnership with Kingsgate (a specialist financial and operational management organisation) who were undertaking a wider turnaround piece of work.

Key Issues Identified

● Temporary staffing spend increasing significantly year on year with no central controls

● Usage of SPAs with little obvious justification and lack of regular review

● Lack of clarity/understanding of actual medical activity and productivity within services.

● Out of date job planning data with no regular reviews.

● A job planning policy/guidance which was not fit for purpose.

● Pay bill increasing year on year without increase in activity levels

● PA allocation for Consultants and programmed activities requiring a streamline to meet the needs of the service-on-call, routine work, DCCs, SPAs and CPD.

Our Delivery

● Assessment of job planning data, process and policies

● Review of extant policies and procedures

● Reported weak controls and processes for job planning and temporary staffing expenditure

● Triangulation of job plan data with payroll and medical
rosters/planned activity

● Reported risk adjusted savings opportunity of £2m in relation to job planning, SPAs, on-call allowances, temporary staffing and theatre productivity

● Developed a plan to reduce medical pay spend, ensure a transparent and fair job planning process and an increase in productivity

● Desktop analysis of consultant job plans and SAS doctors