Our Experience in the NHS

A constantly changing political and financial landscape for the NHS means huge challenges where major restructuring and cost improvement programs across the healthcare sector are now needed. More productive operating models with cost saving efficiencies means HR solutions are now needed to meet the complicated requirements of care quality and patient safety plus financial sustainability.

Dearden’s experience in medical productivity

  • East Sussex Healthcare Trust ­ a medical staffing cost reduction of £3.6m
  • Princes Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust ­ a medical staffing cost reduction of £0.5m
  • West Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust ­ a medical staffing cost reduction of £0.7m
  • Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS trust - in year medical staffing saving of £0.9m
  • Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust ­ a reduction of medical bank and agency spend of 19%
  • The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Hospital - Triumvirate clinical management re-structure and reduced spend of £0.6m
  • Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust Hospital ­ medical productivity review currently under way

Dearden’s experience in managing change and employee relations

  • HR Lead for Shaping a Healthier Future, a pan North West London programme to reorganise services affecting a 2 million population across the Capital and a budget of £3.4 billion
  • London Ambulance Service - managing significant workforce changes
  • The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Hospital - the exit of Trust Board Members and a large scale redundancy programme
  • Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust with responsibility for all aspects of HR and OD in the 5th largest NHS Trust in England
  • Newham PCT (2007­2008) with restructuring the executive team

Dearden’s experience in organisation and leadership development

  • Coaching assignments with a wide range of individuals including NHS CEOs, Directors, senior clinicians and managers
  • Undertaken Board and top team development events
  • Ran the Leadership Development Programme for Allied Health Professionals across London, an 18 month development course for 60 leaders
  • Management development workshops in Ramallah and Gaza, Palestine as part of a Hospital Development programme for the British Council
  • Study tour to Kaiser Pemanente in the United States with South Warwickshire Hospitals and PCT
  • Managed a number of large scale projects for the Department of Health including facilitating the learning from the Agenda for Change early implementer sites
  • Supported the introduction of appraisal systems for GPs and consultant medical staff
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