Acute NHS Trust – South region

Two independent practitioners who worked in a front-line public-facing service were experiencing difficulties working together. The parties were peers and had worked together for a significant time in the same organisation. It was well known that they could not get on and this was causing rostering difficulties with the manager feeling that they could not be rostered together. One of the parties had also indicated that they were looking for another job because of the situation. After taking some initial information from the manager, a time was arranged with the mediator in a confidential environment. During the session the mediator was able to assist the parties in identifying a number of issues which appeared to be largely based on misunderstanding, differences in personality, differences in management styles, all of which were explored. At the end of the session both individuals felt able to make a written agreement and gave very positive feedback too the mediator. Feedback from the manager suggested that the relationship between the two individuals had improved and that he felt able to roster them together.